Her Cousin Is About To Marry A Guy With A Criminal Past And After She Brought Up Her Concerns At The Engagement Party She Was Asked By This Guy To Leave

A 26-year-old woman recently got invited to her cousin’s engagement party. Her cousin is 27, and her cousin’s fiancé is 32.

Nobody was invited to the party except for immediate family members, and she wound up sitting next to one of her other cousins and her parents at the engagement party.

As she sat there with her family, they began chatting about what they all know about the groom’s less than great history, as they are all seriously concerned for her cousin marrying this guy.

“My cousin has dealt with a lot of pain in her past and she lost her ex-boyfriend of 3 years in early 2021 to a traumatic boating accident,” she explained.

“The family is very protective of her because she lost her mother at a young age, and her father is not there mentally. Her father’s family is also protective of her as well.”

“From what I know, the two of them started dating 90 days after she buried her S/O,” she continued to say about her cousin and her cousin’s fiancé.

“Then they announced their engagement in December. They made the relationship Facebook official in July.”

Her cousin did not date this guy for that long before he proposed to her, and the very first time that she met her cousin’s fiancé was at the engagement party.

When she got the invite to the engagement party, she saw this guy’s name on the invite and thought it sounded quite..familiar.

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