Her Ex-Husband Paid His Cousin To Murder Her, But Instead, Her Sister Was Murdered While Babysitting Her Three Children In Her House

Everett, Washington. It was September 20th, 2017, and mom of three Amanda Canales was out of town on a business trip to New York City.

While Amanda was away, she asked her 24-year-old sister Alisha Canales-McGuire to stay at her house on York Road in Everett and babysit her children.

Alisha and all of the children were at home on September 20th when in the early hours of the morning, Alisha was shot and killed in Amanda’s house.

Nobody knew who did this to Alisha, and for close to an entire year, her murder remained a cold case.

It was until a tip came in to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office that gave authorities enough information to proceed with a search warrant.

This warrant helped to move Alisha’s case forward, and authorities finally pieced together what had happened to her.

It turned out, Amanda’s ex-husband Kevin Lewis hired his 19-year-old cousin Jerradon Phelps to murder Amanda.

Facebook; pictured above is Alisha

Kevin paid Jerradon $2,400 to go through with murdering Amanda, and on September 20th, Jerradon took his 17-year-old girlfriend Alexis Hale to Amanda’s house to help kill her.

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