Her Friend Asked Her To Be A Replacement Bridesmaid, But After She Saw The Bride’s Crazy List Of Rules She Has To Follow, She Wants To Drop Out Of The Wedding

A 20-year-old woman recently was asked by her 23-year-old friend Katie to be a replacement bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding that’s taking place this September.

She was thrilled to be included in Katie’s special day…until Katie gave her more information on what was expected of her.

“I was pregnant when she asked me to a part of her wedding,” she explained. “Since I have joined 5 people have dropped out due to her attitude and high expectations.”

“Well, Katie is upset because of everyone dropping out and the amount of people she has kicked out.”

“She wants everyone to drop everything this year for her wedding. She kicked one personal attendant out for getting engaged.”

Katie has 9 rules she thinks everyone should follow if they’re going to be part of her wedding, and here are all the rules:

None of the women in the bridal party are permitted to get pregnant prior to Katie’s wedding.

None of the women in the bridal party are able to get engaged anytime this year since Katie feels it will steal all of the attention away from her wedding.

Katie expects every single woman in the bridal party to respond to her text messages ASAP; no matter what.

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