Her Husband’s Female Employee Bought Her Husband Underwear Knowing That She Would Get Upset Over It

A woman is married to her husband, and he’s a wonderful man. Her husband is good-looking, kind-hearted, hard-working, and generous.

She does feel terribly insecure about her marriage, but it has nothing to do directly with her husband.

Regardless, she’s worried about her husband cheating on her, and she’s worried about different women in his life.

This really has a lot to do with how she grew up; her mom and dad constantly put her down for how she looked, and they always told her nobody would ever find her desirable because of her weight.

On top of that, they kept buying junk food to feed to her, and they knew about the eating disorder that she had, but pretended it didn’t exist.

Those aren’t the only things that contributed to her insecurities though.

“2 exes cheated, and I almost killed myself over the last one over 15 years ago… I can’t even remember that year of my life clearly because it was so traumatic,” she explained.

“Still, 100% of conversations about my assumptions regarding other women are had with my OWN issues in mind and I don’t make accusations or argue, just discuss (as much as possible. I’m not perfect).”

Her husband always does his best to try to accommodate her insecurities, and he attempts to make her feel better about herself.

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