Her Physical Therapist Just Tried To Make A Move On Her Today In Their Session

Chris had put in this chair that controls the movements of your lower body, and it caused her a lot of pain.

Chris proceeded to stroke her hand and reassure her that it would all be alright and the session was almost over.

She did find that incredibly weird since she has never had a doctor touch her or act like that.

Well, today she had another session with Chris, and he put her in the chair again.

“He joked about how he loves seeing me on the machine helpless and proceeded to talk to me about how beautiful I become each day that I gain more strength,” she said. “I laughed and barely spoke to him for the rest of my stay.”

“I feel very strange about it. People around me find it cute but although I know he’s being romantic, I find it uncomfortable.”

“It’s a bit unsettling to know that he’s being turned on looking at me while I’m in pain. I just turned 19 and have never been in a situation like this.”

She really does not want to fill her mom and dad in on what’s going on with her physical therapist, since she knows they will just go nuclear.

She is trying to figure out a way to handle things on her own, but she is concerned that if she does confront Chris, he’s going to deny what’s going on.

How would you handle this situation?

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