He’s Thinking Of Ending Things With His Fiancée Because He’s Worried That He’s Been Doing All The Right Things With The Wrong Woman

He’s not sure what their children will look like with this interesting ethnic background, and he’s starting to wonder if their children would struggle with their identity.

He’s worried that have children that are from mixed races and cultures might harm them in some way, but he’s never thought of this until now.

Also, his future mother-in-law doesn’t speak English really at all, and he’s not sure how that will play into things and if his fiancée’s family will in turn teach their children how to speak their language, which he cannot speak.

“Wouldn’t things be much simpler if I had set up a life with a woman of similar culture to mine?” he wondered.

“Who I didn’t have to worry about the languages in our home raising children? Who I don’t need to become accustomed to new traditions that I didn’t grow up with? I started to question if this is the right woman for a lifelong marriage.”

“Needless to say I’ve fallen into a massive depression thinking I may have spent the last 4+ years doing all the right things with the wrong woman.”

“However, just thinking about the idea of breaking up, the idea of hurting this wonderful human who’s dedicated herself to me as much as I to her, feels like a knife going through my chest.”

He is really struggling with what he should do, and if his concerns are real or just, well, him being influenced by what other people might say or think about their future family.

All this has caused him to spiral into a depression, and his fiancée is beginning to pick up on him not acting like he normally does.

He’s also starting to feel like he’s not so attracted to his fiancée, and he’s pulling back on the affection he shows her.

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