His Wife Comes From A Hoarder Family And He’s Really Struggling With Living In This Disgusting Way

It’s to the point where there are piles everywhere. “Our house has been packed with more and more stuff since the wedding,” he revealed.

“It’s not terrible, but it is messy, and it drives me nuts. There have been 2 times in the last month that she’s left milk, either in a bowl or cup, to spoil over the course of a week.”

“When she blows her nose, she throws the paper towards the garbage can in our room but misses and leaves it on the floor.”

“Loads of food get left lying around. We had roaches for a while, but I managed to get rid of them for now. There are just (expletive) piles of things that she never uses or looks at sitting in one of the rooms… I could go on, and on.”

Their relationship has almost reached its boiling point. Her parents need a place to live after they used all their money to pay for her wedding, rendering them homeless.

The couple only has a two-bedroom apartment, which is already almost full of items the wife has collected or neglected.

The situation, along with other, preventable issues have caused arguments and brought an enormous amount of stress to their new marriage and impending parenthood.

The frustrated husband is reaching out for help on Reddit.

This subject is close to my heart. Honestly, I’m addicted to the show Hoarders on A&E. I could spend hours binging these trainwrecks.

IMDb describes Hoarders as “a reality show that features compulsive hoarders, people who are addicted to filling their homes with objects and how that spills out into their lives.”

This show is disturbing and fascinating at the same time. Sometimes when I’m watching it, I hide my eyes and throw up in my mouth a little, wondering what the hell is wrong with these people. Why would collecting soiled adult diapers and roach and rat-infested trash be okay?

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