His Younger Sister Is Jealous Of The Attention His Fiancée Is Getting For Wedding Planning And He Told His Mom If She Doesn’t Stop Buying His Sister Things To Make Her Feel Better She’s Not Coming To The Wedding

His mom bought his sister this very elaborate, beaded lavender-colored gown that cost his mom an arm and a leg.

“At the bridal shower my sister was sulky again and refused to eat, so my mom took her and left to buy her frozen yogurt because she was “dizzy,” he said.

“The final straw was the bachelorette party. My sister and mom were invited to the dinner before the big party and my sister wanted a $200 lobster.”

His mom told his mother-in-law that she would be happy to pay for the lobster for his sister, and then the bridesmaids started teasing his sister about how she’s going to have to help his fiancée at the wedding.

His mom was very rude to the bridesmaids after that, and his sister got angry too. “My sister ended up yelling that it is dumb that we are having so many parties (engagement, shower, bachelorette, and wedding, so pretty standard I think),” he continued.

“She said we don’t need all of those parties and it is just an excuse for attention. My fiancée was hurt and shocked.”

Another thing that really upset him is that he just learned that his mom threw his sister a party the weekend after his fiancée’s bachelorette party.

“She actually rented a beach house for my sister and her friends and paid for hair and makeup,” he wrote.

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He thought this was just insane, so he called his mom to confront her and they got into quite an argument.

He accused his mom of enabling his sister’s “toxic jealousy” and he said that if she continues to buy his sister things, she’s not going to be invited to their wedding at all.

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