She And Her Boyfriend’s Ex Have Been Stalking One Another In Secret And Now That They Both Know What The Other Is Doing, She’s Considering Confronting Her Boyfriend’s Ex

A 20-year-old woman is currently in a relationship with an 18-year-old guy, and she is aware that her boyfriend’s 18-year-old ex is kind of, well, crazy.

Before she began dating her boyfriend, she was best friends with him, so she was there to witness how his ex was when he was with her.

Her boyfriend’s ex was awful to him; very manipulative and abusive. This all took a toll on her boyfriend, but now that they’re together, his ex is not exactly a thing of the past.

In fact, she realized that her boyfriend’s ex has been creeping on her social media accounts well before they began dating, and she caught his ex watching her stories on Instagram.

At first, she didn’t take this seriously at all because she thought her boyfriend’s ex was being jealous of their relationship.

When her boyfriend dumped his ex and she began dating her boyfriend not long after that, his ex’s behavior turned into stalking her.

She never followed her boyfriend’s ex on social media, and his ex never followed her, yet, his ex was looking at every single thing she posted online.

Clearly, his ex was going through a lot of effort to keep tabs on her life, and his ex went as far as to use different accounts from her family members to also watch what she was doing.

“I started getting super paranoid and anxious not only about posting anything online but even going outside and running into her in public,” she explained.

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