She And Her Boyfriend’s Ex Have Been Stalking One Another In Secret And Now That They Both Know What The Other Is Doing, She’s Considering Confronting Her Boyfriend’s Ex

“She also posted things targeted towards me, which I saw when I looked her up for the first time.”

“Eventually she blocked me which both made me relieved and like I had won against her trying to freak me out (even though it worked off screen). She got a boyfriend, I was busy with life and it seemed like everyone had moved on.”

Well, then her boyfriend attended a somewhat private event that was held outdoors, and she was shocked to see her boyfriend’s ex there.

Her boyfriend was completely convinced that his ex had made sure to cross paths with them that day, and she started to become incredibly anxious about his ex.

From that day forward, she started stalking his ex online. Eventually, she found her own behavior so disturbing that she sought therapy.

“This brings us to today, a year after she started stalking me,” she said. “I made my TikTok account private recently and an account I didn’t recognize requested to follow me. I instantly figured out it was her (her friends and family were following this account) though her username and profile picture were (badly) changed in an attempt to remain anonymous.

“I sent the account a DM saying I knew it was her and giving her a chance to say something before I blocked her,” she said.

“Radio silence, of course. I have an old Instagram account I don’t use anymore and I made it look like her “fake” TikTok account as a joke.”

“A week later, I clicked on her Instagram story using the copycat Insta account and she messaged me saying “stalkerish much?” For now, I’ve left her on read, but I’m wondering if I should say something to end this whole thing for good.”

How would you handle this situation if you were in her place?

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