She Asked Her Best Friend Who Is Getting Married To Make Sure One Of Her Ex-Friends Doesn’t Get An Invite, But The Bride Is Still Inviting This Woman

A 27-year-old woman has a best friend named Sarah who is getting married in 2024. Sarah also asked her to be one of her bridesmaids, so she’s now part of the bridal party.

She and Sarah have a friend named Becky, and the three of them used to be very close back in high school.

She also used to be Becky’s best friend, but when they went to college, Becky decided to sleep with her boyfriend several times.

“I only found out because a mutual friend heard that Becky had STDs, so they told me everything to make sure that I got tested,” she explained.

“Thankfully I was clear, but was devastated by the betrayal. Becky my “best friend” was not only sleeping with my boyfriend but could have given me diseases with some potential complications had I not had treatment early, and yet she still wouldn’t tell me.”

“Bizarrely Becky never acknowledged what she had done and transferred schools, so I never got to ask her anything about what had happened.”

After Becky’s cheating incident, all of their friends stopped talking to Becky. She also stopped talking to Becky, and dumped her boyfriend, and although this was years ago she still has not said anything to Becky.

As for her friendship history with Sarah, they stopped being close in college, but they got back into one another’s lives shortly after that and have been besties ever since.

“She means the absolute world to me,” she said about Sarah. “Sarah has been experiencing some pretty horrific health problems that have severely impacted her life.”

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