She Brought Her Own Food To Her Cousin’s Wedding And Her Cousin Got Upset With Her For Doing So

A 26-year-old woman has a slew of medical problems, and some of those issues do impact how she can eat.

She has to really restrict her diet in an effort to help her medical problems.

Several weeks ago, her cousin got married, and when she saw the menu that her cousin picked out for wedding food, she realized she couldn’t eat anything but some of the appetizers.

“Even then, I am a little uncomfortable because they chose buffet style for the side dishes and catering creates a lot of opportunity for cross-contamination,” she explained.

“I would never expect someone to change or add to their wedding menu on my behalf so I messaged her as soon as we received the menu and just let her know that I would be unable to dine with them at the reception because of the dietary stuff and let her know that I would come back after I was able to eat.”

She sent her cousin the message through Facebook, and although she could see her cousin opened up the message, she never got a reply back.

Knowing that her cousin probably had a lot on her plate with wedding-related activities, she thought the best thing to do would be to make a lunchbox of things she could eat and put in her car on the day of the wedding.

She figure during her cousin’s wedding, if she felt hungry, she could just run out to her car to get something to eat and then return to the wedding.

When it came time for the wedding reception and dinner to be served, she got up to leave and her cousin quickly made a beeline for her.

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