She Brought Her Own Food To Her Cousin’s Wedding And Her Cousin Got Upset With Her For Doing So

Her cousin confronted her and wanted to know why she was leaving, and so she let her cousin know that she had some food in the car that she was going to grab and she would return as soon as she ate.

“She got an appalled look on her face and asked why I would bring food to a wedding I knew would have some of the best,” she said.

“I let her know about the restrictions and reminded her about the message. She said “I just figured you were being dramatic and someone in the family would get you under control. Guess nobody could.” My jaw hit the floor.”

“I wish that my restrictions could be casually broken, but unfortunately I get quite ill if I break the food boundary. It is well known within my family that this is true. I’ve ruined a holiday or two by accidentally eating contaminated food.”

She had no idea what to even say to her cousin, so she walked away from her and headed out to her car to eat.

She hoped that once she had eaten, she would be in a better state of mind to figure out how to handle her cousin, but after she are, she was so angry she was shaking.

She returned to her cousin’s wedding and took her seat, but then her uncle and aunt came rushing over to share with her that her cousin felt hurt that she brought her own food to the wedding.

“I explained (although I still feel a certain sort of way about having to explain) the restrictions again and told them I tried to be as polite as humanly possible by reaching out beforehand and leaving my snacks out of sight of the reception guests,” she continued.

“They told me it gave the whole wedding a bad look and if it was really that big of a deal then I needed to eat beforehand.”

She genuinely doesn’t know if she was wrong to bring food to her cousin’s wedding, but she couldn’t eat much there at all.

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