She Caught Feelings For The Guy She’s Hooking Up With And He Sadly Doesn’t Feel The Same Way

A 24-year-old woman has been hooking up with a 36-year-old guy, and they’ve been doing their thing for close to half a year.

From the very beginning, they knew their relationship would be purely for intimacy and they agreed to nothing more than that.

Unfortunately, she recently caught feelings for this guy, and he sadly doesn’t feel the same way about her.

“I started to catch feelings and I couldn’t take it anymore, so around November, I told him how I felt,” she explained.

“At first when I tried to bring up my feelings I tried to play it cool and just ask him on a proper date, but he did not get the message.”

“So one night I just told him straight up I had a lot of feelings for him. He kinda shut down, he didn’t want to talk about it.”

His reasoning behind not wanting to discuss this at all? He told her that he did not want to have a conversation about something so “heavy” before they were about to go to sleep.

She did push back and point out that he never wants to speak about this ever really, and that she has attempted to discuss things with him via text, but he shut it down.

“When I texted him, I explained my feelings and told him I wanted something more than casual and he just said “sure” and would not elaborate what that even means,” she said.

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