She Caught Feelings For The Guy She’s Hooking Up With And He Sadly Doesn’t Feel The Same Way

“He did tell me that he didn’t know I would want more and he thought it was totally casual, and that he doesn’t have strong feelings for me and he doesn’t even know if he’s capable of having strong feelings.”

“But he also doesn’t want to lose me, he enjoys spending time with me, and that he wants to love me but he’s just not there yet.”

Although they do have an age gap of 12 years, which is considerable, her hookup partner has previously insisted that he isn’t concerned about that…

…Though after she brought up having feelings for him and wanting something more, he used the age gap as an excuse and that it’s too much of a difference.

“Writing this out makes it feel obvious he’s playing me, but I can’t stop holding out hope that he’ll fall in love with me,” she continued.

“I enjoy the time we spend together, we agreed to be exclusive, we go on dates. Should I just keep going with the flow and see what happens?”

She’s considering potentially enforcing a few rules between them, such as not engaging in any activities that are girlfriend-like (you know, like going out on dates together).

She’s also thinking it might be time to kick this guy to the curb and find someone new who’s willing to commit to her.

What would you do if you were in her shoes?

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