She Forced Her Husband To Leave A Wedding Early Because She Was Upset He Was Talking To A Woman He Used To Date

A 27-year-old woman has been married to her 35-year-old husband for one year, and together, they have a 2-year-old child.

Back when she originally met her husband, she had a job that paid her a lot of money, and her husband did as well. She loved her job, and she was intending to resume her position after she was done with maternity leave, but she changed her mind.

“After having the baby since H (husband) made enough money, I decided to quit my job to become a SAHM,” she explained. “H wasn’t happy.”

Prior to her husband meeting her, he was dating a woman that he first got introduced to in college.

This woman is still part of her husband’s group of friends, though they never see her or hang out with her.

Recently while she and her husband got together with some of their friends, she learned that her husband “always deeply loved” his ex.

“For him, it was love at first sight back in college,” she said. “She was doing her own thing, and when they did start to date it was amazing.”

“They were incredibly compatible, also true friends, but H couldn’t get past her having a kid. They agreed to not see each other because there are too many emotions when they’re in each other’s presence.”

“I asked H about this, He was so upset that I would even mention her. He said that it’s true they don’t want to see each other, but that was long ago. He apologized, and since I know that he doesn’t talk to her I let it go.”

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