She Fully Expects Her Bridesmaids To Help Pay For The Bridal Shower She’s Already Planned: Now That They’re Refusing She’s Taking Back The Things She Already Agreed To Pay For Like Their Wedding Day Hair And Makeup

A 25-year-old woman is going to be getting married in a few months, and three of her cousins are going to be her bridesmaids.

When she asked her cousins to be part of her bridal party, she presented them with gorgeous boxes and a letter inside for “transparency.”

“This letter gave them info on what tasks I would need help with (recommendations for vendors and events they have to attend) and what they would have to pay for and what they wouldn’t, which included financial assistance for the bridal shower and the bachelorette party,” she explained.

At the time, her cousins all said that they were fine with what she put in her transparency letter that listed out all of her expectations of them.

“When I asked for assistance regarding the already disclosed tasks, I was met with backlash and was told “this isn’t our responsibility,” she said.

“Reluctant to stand up for myself, I agreed and have been doing everything almost completely on my own.”

“After many other altercations and issues, I decided it was just best to only include them when needed.”

She planned a bridal shower for herself, which is set to happen in about a month, and she paid for everything for her bridal shower along with her maid of honor and her mom.

However, she did reach out to her bridesmaids and ask that they contribute $50 for her bridal shower, which she noted was to help cover the costs of the snacks, drinks, and food for her guests.


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