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She Got One Heck Of A Reply When She Yelled Out The Window To Tell All Of New York City She Was Engaged

TikTok; pictured above Bailey shares the news of her engagement with New York City

After Bailey said yes to her boyfriend and later arrived back at the place she was staying for her vacation, she opened up the window and yelled out to the city below that she just got engaged.

As soon as the words left her mouth, someone on the street below yelled back for Bailey to, well, shut the f up.

That’s one heck of a reply for announcing your engagement news, hm?

Not phased in the least after being told to shut up, Bailey turned around and said, “Oh, I just love it here” with a big smile.

“The nicest city,” she captioned the video of the exchange that she later put on TikTok.


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? original sound – Bailey Kenworthy

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