She Really Wants To Quit Being A Bridesmaid Just 4 Weeks Before The Wedding After The Bride And Maid Of Honor Body-Shamed Her

A 26-year-old woman has been very close to her 25-year-old friend Rob since they met in college 7 years ago.

Well, Rob got on Tinder and met a 24-year-old woman named Jane about 2 years ago. They started dating right as the pandemic hit, and so, Rob and Jane’s relationship sped along.

Rob proposed to Jane last October, and their wedding date has been set for next month.

Unfortunately, Jane doesn’t really like her at all, though she gets why this is. For one thing, she’s super close to Rob, and additionally, Rob really liked her when they were back in college but she didn’t feel the same way.

Rob’s friends did share that fun fact with Jane, which didn’t help Jane to like her better. She did make an effort to not be so close to Rob in order to make Jane feel better, but Rob wasn’t thrilled with that.

Even though Jane basically hates her, she was invited to be a bridesmaid since Rob insisted. Rob gave Jane an ultimatum; Jane had to let her be a bridesmaid and only then would he agree to let Jane’s brothers be his groomsmen.

“I have been on my best behavior, despite her being on her worst,” she explained.

“She has been constantly nasty to me, pointing out any flaw, mocking me, and even ‘accidentally’ poured a whole glass of red wine over me (I was wearing a light blue dress).”

“Yesterday we had the bridesmaid dress fittings/try ons. We had all sent Jane the money, and our size/measurements and she had ordered the dresses. Her step-grandma, Nell, is a seamstress so was fitting the dresses.”

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