She Told A 15-Year-Old Girl That Her Wedding Is More Important Than This Girl’s Birthday Party

A woman is getting married soon, and she recently asked her mother-in-law to go with her to shop for a wedding dress.

The gesture was meant to be “an olive branch” since she does not really get along with her mother-in-law at all.

Her mother-in-law agreed to go with her, and then she asked if it would be ok to bring along her boyfriend’s 15-year-old daughter named Emily since Emily adores fashion.

She thought that excuse was b.s. and figured her mother-in-law was only bringing Emily so that she would have a friend there, but she agreed nonetheless.

“Emily is ok but ridiculously spoiled,” she explained. “Her divorced parents are in competition for her love and both have some serious cash to throw around.”

“Emily is having a sweet 16 the same month I am having my wedding, and she has been talking about it non-stop, picking out the car she wants, making plans for the actual day.”

“Her birthday is a Wednesday, but the party is a Saturday, so she still expects something special on her birthday.”

“She will be going to Disney with her BF, her dad, and MIL. She has already let her mother know that since her birthday falls on his custody time, her mom can “make it up to her” so she is having 3 birthdays. I internally roll my eyes a little, but it isn’t my business.”

Aside from wedding dress shopping, she also planned for them to all get lunch together beforehand.

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