She Used To Be On The Reality TV Show Wife Swap And She’s Speaking Out About The Traumatic Experience She Had

Heidi Mae took to Tik Tok to share her traumatic experience filming the TLC show, Wife Swap. In her first video, she told viewers how the show mistreated her family.

“It was the worst mistake of our lives,” she revealed.

When Heidi’s family was on the show more than ten years ago, producers had them sign a non-disclosure agreement or NDA. But now, she finally feels free to share her story.

She described the process that would happen before filming even started. “To be on the show, you had to take a 700 question psych eval and an hour-long interview with a psychologist.”

She said the purpose of this was “to make sure you’re mentally sound enough to be on the show.”

But the consequences of what producers learned through participants’ answers and interviews were far-reaching and deeply upsetting.

They asked Heidi, “what is something that makes you sad?” She answered that moving around a lot growing up made her feel lonely.

But while Heidi was on the show, it seemed that producers had briefed the other family on how to trigger her with core traumatic memories.

TikTok; pictured above is Heidi in one of her videos

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