She Was Diagnosed With A Progressive Genetic Disorder And She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong Of Her To Decline Genetic Counseling Since She Doesn’t Want To Have Kids

A woman in her late 20s has been struggling to deal with chronic pain and several issues throughout her whole life.

Several years ago, doctors got to the bottom of what has been going on with her, and she was ultimately diagnosed with a progressive genetic disorder.

As soon as she learned that her disorder is genetic, she began speaking to different members of her family in an effort to find out if she could pinpoint which family member this disorder came from.

Her doctor also believed this was a good thing for her to do, and her doctor also recommended that she undergo some genetic counseling.

Given the fact that she does not want to have kids of her own, she declined the counseling sessions.

It would have been several hours of counseling and she already had undergone weeks of testing for her diagnosis, so she was eager to return to her house.

After her diagnosis, she reached out to her 30-year-old brother to tell him about what was going on and pass along some information to him about the disorder.

“I mentioned that I had declined genetic counseling to learn more about how it could be passed down if I had kids because I don’t want any but mentioned it was suggested that he should get tested to see if he has it (it presents to different extremes in everyone, mine is an extreme case,” she explained.

“He has some minor symptoms that may be due to this disorder but nothing close to what I’m experiencing so we aren’t sure).”

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