She’s Been With Her Boyfriend For 5 Years And Still Hasn’t Told Him She’s Racked Up $15,000 In Credit Card Debt

A 26-year-old woman has been in a relationship with her 27-year-old boyfriend for just about 5 years, but she’s keeping a pretty big secret from him.

Back when she was 18-years-old, she received a credit card in the mail that she was pre-approved for, and since then, she’s gotten herself into a lot of credit card debt.

And she does admit that she is, well, bad when it comes to money though it’s been hard for her to finally realize this.

“I went through the cycle of racking it up, paying it off, racking it up, then slowly paying it off,” she explained about her credit card debt.

“I don’t live with my boyfriend and he’s a very frugal person- he lives at home still because he wants to save up and buy a house.”

“This is why so much is weighing on me, I feel awful because he’s working so hard and I’ve just been screwing myself over and him as well.”

When she did start dating her boyfriend, she actually was quite honest about being in debt, which was approximately $2,500 back then.

She managed to pay it all off, but then she started racking up credit card debt right after that, and she has not revealed that to her boyfriend.

Last year has been the worst on her wallet; she bought a car, got addicted to gambling online, adopted a dog that has cost her a lot in vet bills and care, and she took a vacation across the country to see her best friend.

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