She’s Not Engaged But She’s Already Planning Her Wedding And When Her Boyfriend Found Out He Got Upset

This woman in her late twenties has been dating her partner for five years. They have already lived together for three years and are even looking to purchase a bigger house together. But, once any discussion of marriage surfaces, her partner clams up.

He has been married before– once to his high school sweetheart, which lasted for six years. They did suffer a traumatic breakup, but that was years ago.

Now, he and the woman openly talk about almost everything future-related.

“We talk about kids, houses, possible schools for kids, holidays, retirement plans, where else in the world we would live, and more,” the woman said.

“He is a happy and active participant in these discussions– including super long-term discussions.”

But, one topic of discussion is strictly “off-limits”– marriage.

“I don’t bring it up because I know his experience with his ex was bad. And, he is happy not to bring it up either,” the woman explained.

That was until recently, though. While the pair were talking, the topic of marriage briefly came up in conversation.

While it did not gain much momentum, one thing the woman’s boyfriend did say was that he “wasn’t opposed to remarrying” and considered it a logical next step in their relationship.

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The woman was pleased to know the possibility was on his radar and decided not to push further. Still, she got to thinking– if they are saving up for a larger home, maybe they should explore a budget for a wedding.

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