She’s Refusing To Go On Her Friend’s Bachelorette Trip Because She’s Pretty Positive Her Mother-In-Law Will Be There

A woman and her husband have not been in touch with her mother-in-law for several years, since her mother-in-law is manipulative and controlling.

She and her husband never speak to her mother-in-law and they do everything in their power to make sure they are never in the same place they suspect her to be in.

My husband and I have been no contact with my MIL for a few years now, due to her controlling and manipulating behavior. We don’t talk to her and actively avoid places where she might be.

Anyway, one of her friends named Sally is set to tie the knot this March, and she was asked to be Sally’s maid of honor.

“She has been pretty low-key about the whole thing so I wasn’t surprised when she said she didn’t want a huge fuss for her bachelorette party,” she explained.

“She’s even paying her own way for everything, asking we pay for ourselves. She told me that she wanted to see a show at a casino about an hour away, have dinner at one of the bars, and maybe gamble a little.”

“The issue is, my MIL spends a lot of time at those casinos. My husband and I have stopped going to them so we won’t run into her.”

“I told Sally this and she said that there’s a chance she won’t be at the one we go to and they’re also huge. If we see her, we can just go to a different part of it.”

There’s no way she’s venturing into that casino with the possibility that she could very well run right into her mother-in-law.

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