The American Kennel Club Just Added Two New Dog Breeds This Year

Thanks to the Mudi and Russian Toy, there are now 199 fully recognized dog breeds. Of course, this is not the total number of known dog breeds.

However, to be fully recognized by the American Kennel Club, a dog registry that keeps track of breeds of interest, there must be a significant population in the US, popularity of the breed among US dog-owners, and an “established breed club.” 

The American Kennel Club is “the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs.”

The Executive Secretary of the Kennel Club, Gina DiNardo, describes the breeds in further detail, communicating the organization’s excitement to spotlight them.

“The Mudi, a medium-sized herding dog, makes a great pet for an active family committed to keeping this worker busy, and the small, loving Russian Toy thrives on being close to its humans.”

Gina also emphasizes the importance of choosing a dog breed that matches the patterns of your life, whether you are active or more sedentary, and if you have the space to support a larger or smaller dog. 

She concludes that the journey to dog ownership requires a good deal of research. Other variables to consider could be the relationship you hope to build with your future friend.

For example, the Mudi comes from a line of Hungarian herding dogs and is commonly loyal, playful, and affectionate.

Though they have a good deal of energy to run off throughout the day, they can also adapt to a calm home environment.

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