The Animal Shelter She Adopted Her Dog From Never Disclosed That Her Dog Has Severe Medical Issues

Houston, Texas. Wednesday retired from her retail job after more than 50 years because of a medical condition—she now has limited mobility and uses a brace and a cane.

So when the pandemic started, she became isolated in her home with only the TV for comfort. But one night, she saw a photo of a dog on an adoption page, and it was “love at first sight.”

But there was a catch; the animal shelter didn’t tell her that as her dog grew, it was more than likely that he’d develop medical issues.

His previous owners said they returned the pup to the shelter because he didn’t fit into a household with other pets.

Still, Wednesday later began to suspect that his medical issues were the cause.

But she fell more and more in love with him every day they shared. “Even before considering that his “cowboy bow-legged” stance was perhaps not normal or unique to his breed, Dexter had already begun to share more companionship and laughter than ever anticipated,” she wrote in her GoFundMe.

Sadly, he had a condition called Angular Limb Deformity, and since pet insurance considered it “pre-existing,” they would not cover any related medical costs.

And as his bones developed and the pup grew older, it became clear that he would need surgery to correct their growth trajectory. 

GoFundMe; pictured above is Dexter

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