The Girl That He’s Been Seeing For The Last 6 Months Definitely Just Tried To Baby Trap Him

A 27-year-old guy has been seeing a 29-year-old woman for the last 6 months, and their relationship was going really well…until recently.

His girlfriend loves watching scary movies, she has a great sense of humor, she always teaches him something new, and she’s very excited about their relationship.

All of this makes him feel great about her and being with her. “However—I always knew she was a little unhinged,” he explained.

“On our first date, she explained to me she was born into a cult for the majority of her life being free of it at 22yrs old now 29 she’s a well-adjusted adult.”

“She also told me she’s been engaged 3 different times the last one ending a year ago. We discussed our careers me being a Software Engineer & most recently purchasing property becoming a Landlord.”

“I told her being poor as a youth I strive to have a lucrative career as well as generate passive income so that my children/wife never want for anything. She told me she was a Case Worker.”

Well, he then found out after dating her for several months that she straight-up lied to him about what she does for a career.

She’s not a Case Worker at all; she’s a driver for Uber Eats. He was upset that she chose to lie to him, and she maintained she only told him that lie because she was humiliated to tell him about what she really did for a living.

He was able to move past this and continued seeing her. They spent New Year’s together and had a nice dinner out before hanging out back at her place.

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