These Sled Dogs Were Left Seriously Injured After Being Intentionally Hit By A Snowmobiler Head-On

Brule, Wisconsin. Racing sled dogs likely sounds like a dream, and Ryan Redington is lucky enough to work with the 40 loyal pups of Redington Mushing. 

However, a recent incident left one of his dogs in great need, and his training partner Sarah decided to start a GoFundMe to find external support.

This past weekend, the team was practicing for their next race on a training path in Wisconsin. Sarah explains in her post that the trail was wide enough “for four snowmobiles to ride abreast.” 

The team also takes precautions to ensure the dogs’ safety; “the dogs are trained to run on the right side of the trail for safe passing from either direction.” 

The trainers also supply the dogs with light-up and reflective harnesses that can alert others to the dogs when they run after sundown. 

This weekend, less than three miles from home, the team approached a snowmobile driver. Ryan later gave Sarah his account of what happened. 

“Instead of stopping or slowing down as many had done earlier, this driver sped UP and actually steered into the team,” Sarah explained.

Though it was unclear whether he meant to scare them out of the way or if he was trying to hit the dogs, there was an immediate impact. 

GoFundMe; pictured above is one of the poor injured sled dogs

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