These Sled Dogs Were Left Seriously Injured After Being Intentionally Hit By A Snowmobiler Head-On

The snowmobile crashed into several dogs and caused Ryan to flip his sled to avoid a collision. Though the other driver paused briefly, he then sped away without a word.

Sarah was riding a bit behind Ryan and encountered the wild driver a few minutes later—but though he was still zooming, he avoided making contact with her dogs or sled.

Sarah later expressed regret that she could not ascertain much about the man’s appearance to report to the police.

The police and trainers transported the injured dogs to an emergency clinic in Duluth, Minnesota, for vet care.

“Willy, who led Ryan’s team to victory in the 2021 Kobuk440, survived with lacerations and a badly bruised foreleg…The wheel dog Wildfire, however, had his left rear leg broken in three places.”

Wildfire is an incredibly active three-year-old dog and had just finished an 846-mile race with Ryan last year. 

Now, Wildfire will require surgery that requires the placement of metal plates into his leg and treatment in Minnesota for an extended period. Because of this, Sarah decided to stay behind with him there. 

She explains the breakdown of any potential funds they receive, writing that it will “cover the emergency vet visit ($1,180), Wildfire’s exam and surgery ($6,500), plus care and rehabilitation of the dogs involved in the incident. Any funds beyond this goal will go directly to the team as Ryan rebuilds after this devastating incident.”

Thankfully, the fundraiser has amassed a considerable number of donations in just two days, which total more than $39,000!

This community is rooting for the dogs’ quick recovery and that Ryan and Sarah can get back to doing what they love as soon as possible. 

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