This Guy Threw Out His Autistic Best Friend’s Blanket Because His Friend’s Girlfriend Asked Him To And Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Is In The Wrong

They admitted to him that they got rid of his blanket, and his best friend started sobbing. His best friend then locked himself inside of a room, and he has not come out in two days.

His best friend is not speaking to anybody, and he’s not going to work. His best friend is still in his room, and he is not answering any of his phone calls.

“Am I in the wrong in this?” he asked. “I feel like he should take responsibility in this relationship considering he is an adult.”

“Me and his GF agree he shouldn’t be fixating on this object and move on from his childhood.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“The blanket was his coping mechanism, something that is highly encouraged by therapists to find. I cannot believe you did that. He deserves so much better than the two of you.”


“I have a stuffed husky plushy from my childhood. I had him since I was 6 years old and I love the stupid thing so much! He is dirty and smelly and the fur is tangled, but this dog has caught all of my feelings through all of these years.”

“All of my tears, all of my stress from being bullied, from my dysfunctional family home, everything. I could pretend that I had one friend that listens to me without judging.”

“I slept with the plushy until I was 28. Every night I would snuggle up with it.”

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