This Guy Threw Out His Autistic Best Friend’s Blanket Because His Friend’s Girlfriend Asked Him To And Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Is In The Wrong

“And then it took me 6 more years to have it in my bed without snuggling until I was ready to have it in a closet. It still comes out when I am crying badly, but I don’t talk to it anymore.”

“If anybody would throw it away, I would throw the person out of my life. I have a deep connection to this plush. I am aware that it is not a person and that it is a coping thing, but it worked and it helped me a lot.”


“I cannot believe that his GF was jealous of a blanket.”


“I’m not autistic, but I have something similar. I’m 30 years old, it comforts me and hurts literally no one.”

“I would be devastated to lose it, let alone have it thrown away by someone who’s supposed to care about me.”


“What a HORRIBLE thing to do!! You are a bad friend and she is a bad girlfriend! I have no idea if there is even a way to make this right, but if there is, it starts with a groveling, sincere apology.”


“You’re also an idiot. How did you let someone convince you to do her dirty work for her? She tells you the blanket is stupid and you’re like, “That’s right! I should betray my friend’s trust!”

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