This Mom Hilariously Found Out That She Was Celebrating Her Son’s Birthday On The Completely Wrong Day

This woman made a hilarious Tik Tok “confidence booster” for all the overwhelmed parents out there just doing their best.

Emily was on the phone with her pediatrician this month to sort out bills to send her insurance company.

While going over the details of her child’s recent doctor’s appointment, her pediatrician said there was a discrepancy between the birthdate on their forms and the one the insurance company had on file.

Of course, Emily got ready to call the insurance company and give them an earful for messing up her son’s documentation. But then, she took a moment to double-check. It couldn’t hurt to be sure, right?

Well, she scrolled back on Facebook to look at the birth announcement and was stunned by what she found.

As it turns out, her middle child was born on the 25th of the month and not the 26th. However, she’d celebrated his birthday on the 26th for the past two years.

The mom told her story and made sure to say that the worst part was that she made this mistake about her middle child, who is stereotypically known as a family’s left behind/under the radar kid.

But she reassured her followers, “I have a mommy date with my middle child today … I love my kids!!” 

TikTok; pictured above is Emily in her video

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