This Mom Was Left Furious After Her Middle Schooler Daughter Came Home With A Letter That Said Her School Was Offering Girls Shapewear

With all this in mind, including increased risks of depression and developing eating disorders, the school administration went on to actively promote ways to distort girls’ bodies, supposedly to allow them to “fit in” better.

They acknowledge that girls tend to be more affected by body image issues than boys, and it’s clear they think that intervention could correct this perceived “weakness.”

It’s not as though the school was sending home mental health tips or ways to combat societal pressures.

Ashley immediately saw the irony in their letter, writing, “How, in the hell, are you promoting a positive body image by saying, “here, you’re too fat. You need shapewear to make you look thinner.” Are you freaking kidding me?” 

Hopefully, the school rescinds this absurd, even invasive inquiry and replaces the funding for these products with ones that students really need, like school supplies or lunch funds.

However, Ashley certainly isn’t about to let this go without challenging the powers that be. “This isn’t over. I will be composing a few emails now…” You can find Ashley’s Facebook post here

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