This New Study Found That Watching TV For Too Long Could Result In Life-Threatening Blood Clots

Watching too much TV isn’t just “anti-social” or a “waste of time.” It could also be potentially fatal.

A new study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, revealed that people who indulge in TV time for over four hours per day put themselves at higher risk of developing a potentially-deadly blood blotting condition– known as venous thromboembolism (VTE).

The most common form of VTE is deep vein thrombosis, also known as DTV. Nearly one million Americans develop this condition each year.

And, unfortunately, one hundred thousand people will pass away from it, too.

When you sit for such a prolonged period, blockages are able to form due to a lack of blood circulation. While the clot is forming, individuals often report feeling pain or swelling.

Pre-existing health conditions, age, and overall physical fitness also play a role in VTE. For example, high blood pressure and heart disease are both high-risk factors. Still, even without any pre-existing conditions, it is simply not advised to sit still for so long.

The study analyzed three observational studies, which encompassed a total of over one hundred and thirty thousand patients. Each patient was at least forty years old and had no prior diagnosis of VTE.

Numerous years later, nearly one thousand people ended up having VTE. And, those who watched TV for over four hours per day were found to be thirty-five percent more likely to develop the disease.

Setor Kunutsor, the study’s lead author, wants the world to know that this can still happen to anyone.

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