This NYC Apartment Went Viral For Having A Shower In The Living Room

New York, New York. New York City is already infamous for its abundance of tiny apartments with exorbitant rent.

So, it might be hard to imagine that the typical over-priced apartment could get any worse. But, the TikTok community was shocked by a ridiculous listing posted by @Claudia_NYCAgent.

Claudia is a real estate agent who shared an otherwise normal-looking apartment. It has an open floor plan, oversized windows, new kitchen appliances, and even exposed brick. But, the real kicker?

The shower is located in the living room.

TikTok; pictured above is the shower in the living room

“When you pay $2,200 per month and have to shower in the living room,” Claudia captioned her post.

The video quickly gained a whopping three-million views and over two hundred thousand likes. The TikTok community was appauled.

“New York can’t keep getting away with these god-awful apartment layouts. Were the architects drunk?” one user asked.

“Every single time I see a post like this, it makes me never want to live in New York City,” another commenter added.

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