This Poor Woman’s Dog Died When She Left Her With What Should Have Been A Trusted Dog Sitter

Liz’s Giorgi is the co-founder and CEO of a successful production company. But a few weeks ago, Liz’s dog, Fran, went missing, after she left her in the care of a dog sitter she found through the app Wag.

So, she decided to publicly chronicle her experience searching for Fran via Twitter.

Liz’s dad had died about two months before, leaving her with the trip she’d booked him to Nairobi. But when it was time for Liz to go to Africa, her regular kennel was fully booked.

She left Fran with a dog-sitter from Wag since the caretaker had a 5-star rating.

But the day after she dropped Fran off, Liz got a text from the sitter; Fran was missing, and the sitter had called Liz’s mother-in-law to help track her down. And things got worse; Liz found out the Wag had no protocol for when a dog was lost under their care. 

“When I finally do hear from Wag, there is no to-do list.” Liz wrote in one of her tweets. “No recommendations. No written documentation of what they will commit to. And probably the worst: No, “we are sorry.”

Eventually, the company agreed to post missing signs for Fran, though Liz’s cohort of friends and family had already covered a large portion of their area in Denver.

And as if matters couldn’t get any worse, her desperate attempts to reach the company’s CEO were met with radio silence…

While she learned that he had replied to an investor about the situation. 

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