This Severely Abused Dog Was Rescued From The Streets Days Before Christmas: She Was Severely Underweight And Suffering From Infections

St. Petersburg, Florida. A little more than a week before Christmas, a little Pug mix was found abandoned in the streets of St. Petersburg.

A woman by the name of Stephanie Matuza rescued the little dog, whom she named Olivia after her neighbor alerted her to the terrible situation the little dog was in.

Olivia was severely underweight and suffering from several infections. The pads on her paws had also been rubbed raw.

“Ten days before Christmas Olivia was seen walking alone, abandoned,” Stephanie wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“She was nothing but bones with skin over them. A neighbor caught her and brought her to me asking “Can you help?” Olivia was placed in my arms, and we went straight to the emergency hospital.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Olivia just after Stephanie rescued her

“She spent four days in the intensive care unit. She should have been close to 15 lbs. but was only 4.9 lbs. when she was released.”

“She had to be fed through a tube, due to the starvation she could not eat.”

Olivia remained in the hospital, where her vet bills came to total $6,126.20; far more than Stephanie could afford to pay for.

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