This Sweet Puppy Was A Christmas Gift And Sadly He Was Diagnosed With A Deadly Virus On Christmas Day

Denver, Colorado. Danger Dog is an adorable little three-month-old puppy who loves snuggling and giving kisses.

Danger Dog was a Christmas present for his whole family, and he entered their lives on Christmas Eve.

Sadly, by the next morning, he appeared to be quite sick. His new family quickly rushed Danger Dog to the vet, and he tested positive for a deadly virus called Canine parvovirus.

The virus is highly contagious among dogs, and it does often prove to be fatal in puppies.

Danger Dog’s family did take out pet insurance for him, but it won’t be effective for 10 days after the policy was taken out.

This means Danger Dog’s family has to pay for his growing medical bills completely out of pocket in order to save his life.

Danger Dog has currently being treated at a great emergency clinic located in Denver, and the vets caring for him are positive that he will be able to make a full recovery since he is slowly making steps to getting better.

“He’s been slowly improving, but still needs more time,” Toni Becker wrote on a GoFundMe.  “Unfortunately, that time is now beyond our financial reach.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Danger Dog

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