This Teen Went Missing Back In November And Her Stepmom Is Desperately Trying To Find Her

Powhatan, Virginia. Joni Bradley is a 16-year-old girl who went missing on November 9th from Powhatan, Virginia.

That day, Joni left her house to head over to a medical appointment that she had in the village of Powhatan.

After she finished up her appointment, Joni was able to reach out to her dad to tell him that she forgot her phone back at Powhatan County Sheriff Bradford Nunnally explained in a press conference that Joni was then spotted on a security camera leaving the building through a backdoor.

Joni was by herself at the time, and this was around 4 in the afternoon. As soon as Joni made her exit, she shut her cellphone off, and she also stopped using her social media profiles.

Joni’s family quickly noticed she was gone far longer than it would have taken her to retrieve her phone, and they reached out to the Powhatan County Sheriff’s Office for help.

It’s now been 72 days since Joni disappeared, and nobody knows where she is.

Facebook; pictured above is Joni with her stepmom Kelli

The Powhatan County Sheriff’s Office acknowledged that Joni being gone for so long is “unusual” and they have been working every single day since she went missing to try to figure out where she went.

Joni does frequently go by different names, though the authorities have not mentioned what those names are, and she does also dye her hair different colors.

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