This Teen’s Stepdad Attempted To Force Her To Put Her Cat Down So She Ran Away From Home And Is Asking The Internet If She Can No Longer Have A Relationship With Her Mom

A 17-year-old says she’s very close to her mom, but she’s not at all close to her stepdad because he really is pretty awful.

She and her mom have a special needs cat named Muffin, who they really consider to be part of their family.

Although she has medical problems, she’s quite happy and she is doing well.

The care that Muffin requires is extraordinarily demanding financially, and even though money is tight for the family, they can swing things.

Muffin’s vet bills add up quickly and certainly aren’t cheap, but they are handling it all.

She said that not only does her mom and stepdad work, but she does too, and she’s been able to save up an impressive amount of money.

Suddenly, her stepdad got it into his head that they should just put Muffin down. He then made a comment to her that if they were all on a deserted island, Muffin would “be the first one to go.”

She piped up that they don’t live on a deserted island, and sure, they are struggling to pay the vet bills.

Her stepdad got upset with her for how she replied to him. Her mom later approached her and revealed she does not want Muffin to be euthanized, but she is terrified to stand up to her stepdad about it.

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