This Very Healthy 30-Year Old Mom Of Two Suffered A Life Threatening Stroke And Doctors Don’t Know What Caused It

It is vital to the patient’s survival to get medical attention immediately. Although a cerebellar stroke is an uncommon type of stroke, it is common for another stroke to occur within the first 72 hours of the first one.

Karla had no idea of what was happening and didn’t seek care until after the most critical point but luckily did not have another life-threatening stroke. However, she’s still in great danger of recurrence. The only way to help prevent another stroke is to find what caused the first one.

After many different doctors and expensive tests, they still have no diagnosis. Almost a month later, she passed out and remained in the hospital for another week before being discharged.

During her last rounds of testing, the doctors discovered intracranial (intra-inside, cranial-brain) hypertension and brain lesions. She also has a mitral valve prolapse and a foramen ovale, which are cardiac issues that promote stroke in younger patients.

Unfortunately, Karla does not have medical insurance and requires a multitude of testing and medical care to find her diagnosis and start preventative and maintenance care.

She has a long way to go towards recovery, but as soon as they find a medical diagnosis, she may be able to move forward with living her life now.

Karla Gomez is organizing a fundraiser on behalf of Adela Marquez. To get more information on her progress, donate or leave a word of encouragement, you can go here.

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