This Young Woman Lost Both Of Her Legs After Being Hit By A Garbage Truck

New Castle, Pennsylvania. Michael is in a devastating situation; his younger sister Stephanie was hit by a garbage truck while walking to work.

Doctors flew her to the nearest hospital as she fought for her life. Michael sat with his sister’s husband for over two hours before receiving any news on Stephanie’s condition.

Stephanie and Nathaniel share three children who are 1, 3, and 11-years-old.

Eventually, doctors told them the life-changing news; both of Stephanie’s legs had been amputated. She also had “three broken ribs, a punctured lung, a laceration above her left eye that required several stitches and a concussion,” Michael shared in his GoFundMe post.

Unfortunately, Stephanie also wouldn’t learn about the loss of her legs until more than eight hours after the accident.

Michael continued, “I just keep thinking I’ll wake up from this terrible dream but every minute that passes I’m faced with the reality that my baby sister may never walk again.”

Stephanie walked to work every day, as early as 4 am and no matter the weather. She was determined to provide for her children and give them good lives.

She and Nathaniel worked opposite shifts so that someone would always be home with the kids. But now, there are roadblocks for childcare, as well as Nathaniel’s visiting the hospital.

He’s become the family’s sole provider and caretaker, and the kids are not allowed in the trauma unit.

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