Yesterday Evening, Her Boyfriend Sat Her Down And Told Her That If She Can Break Up With Him Without Causing Problems, He’ll Pay Her 25k

A 30-year-old woman has been in a relationship with her 31-year-old boyfriend for the last 5 years.

Yesterday evening, her boyfriend sat her down while they were eating dinner together and said to her that he’s not happy with their relationship.

He laid it all out for her that they have been going through a tough time for too long and although they tried therapy, it hasn’t helped them at all.

They’ve tried to make changes in their lives, but that still has not made her boyfriend feel better about them being together.

He essentially revealed to her that he has been very unhappy for a while now, and he no longer feels like he’s in love with her.

“I have fallen out of love with you and I don’t want to continue the relationship,” he explained to her.

“I know this may be really upsetting or shocking, and I want to offer something to make this change more acceptable.”

“If we can break up without fighting, drama, freaking out, threats, breaking stuff, and a simple move out I want to give you 25k.”

“I am not trying to trivialize our relationship or diminish how much value I feel for you, but I am trying to provide something that makes the drama of transitioning into being single more easy to accept.”

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