Yesterday, Someone Pushed This Poor Dog Out Of A Car And Then Shot Him, But This Isn’t The First Time This Dog Has Been Abused Like This

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Yesterday at around 9 at night, an individual in Pittsburgh’s Black Ridge neighborhood pushed a poor dog out of a car and then shot him.

The terrible person who did this then drove off, leaving the dog there to suffer. Thankfully, residents of the area heard the gunshot and came running to find the dog bleeding and badly injured.

Before anyone could help this dog, he vanished. A woman by the name of Wendy Hilfiker and her friend named Amanda began searching the neighborhood this morning at around 7 a.m.

Three hours after Wendy and Amanda began their search, one of their neighbors called them up to say that they had found the dog inside their gazebo.

Wendy and Amanda rushed the dog to a local emergency vet called AVETs, and after he was treated, one of the vets there told Wendy that this poor dog has been shot before.

“There are also multiple existing wounds that are necrotic and have “too much bacteria to come from a wound less than 12 hours old,” Wendy explained.

“He has multiple puncture and bite wounds all over his little body. The swelling on his chest indicate that he has been injured for a very long time and continually.”

“His blood work shows that his white blood cell count is high from the multiple infections and he is anemic (from loss of blood).

GoFundMe; pictured above is the dog that Wendy rescued

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