Young Nurse Left With A Traumatic Brain Injury After A Terrible Car Accident

They also make sure that those who visit the GoFundMe page know that Katie is a fun-loving, adventurous hiker, athlete, and friend—she is so much more than her accident.

Thankfully, they’ve exceeded their goal by a staggering $24,000. And her family is still sharing updates.

“Katie continues to make steady progress and improvements,” they wrote on December 31st. Doctors recently inserted a speaking valve so that Katie could finally speak to her family over FaceTime.

Her family shared the difficulty of Katie staying in the hospital for such an extended time.

“Katie understands that she needs to be in the hospital however has told us many times that she wants to come home. Today when FaceTiming with our dog Charlie, she said, “I can’t wait to come home and take you on a walk.” 

Because of Covid protocols, the family is usually unable to visit Katie, but hopefully, after the surge of holiday infections, the hospital will relax precautions. For now, the family is limiting their contact with others to maintain their health and visit Katie. 

Though the family is still unsure about the next steps for Katie’s recovery, they are doing research, learning more about available supports, and leaning on friends and family. 

One family left a comment with a message for Katie on the GoFundMe. “Dear Katie, the road to recovery might be long, might be hard, but you are strong and an amazing woman!! Never give up!! We love you!!”

You can read about Katie and her family here

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