He’s In Love With A Bridesmaid That’s Going To Be In His Wedding

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A man in his 30s used to be dating a woman named Lily a whole decade ago. Back then, Lily had a bunch of friends, and one friend that Lily had in particular, Robin, he thought was gorgeous.

One evening, while Lily wasn’t hanging out with their group of friends but he was, he got pretty wasted along with Robin.

He ended up making out with Robin, until one of his guy friends caught them in the middle of a kiss and that all stopped.

“To this day I don’t know if she was into me that night or it was just the alcohol,” he explained. “After this, we texted a bit and did hang out one time by ourselves, but nothing happened, we just watched a movie and chatted.”

“Then through text, I suggested leaving Lily and we could try things, but she turned it down.”

He wasn’t certain if Robin rejected his advances due to not liking him, or due to her being kind and not wanting to ruin what he had with Lily.

One month after his makeout sesh with Robin, Lily learned what went down that night. Although he definitely cheated on Lily, she continued to stay in a relationship with him.

Several months after all of this, Robin began dating his friend who walked in on them kissing.  Eventually, Lily did dump him and move on, and he knew it had to do with his feelings for Robin.

Newly single, he ended up at a party that Robin and her boyfriend were at, and things got out of hand.

olegparylyak –

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