28 Years Ago She Was Murdered In Her Apartment, And Bite Marks Left By Her Killer Were A Major Clue In Solving Her Case

Desert Hot Springs, California. Back in 1994, 39-year-old Cheri Huss lived in her own apartment located on Parma Drive in Desert Hot Springs.

On April 24th, Cheri was sadly found murdered in her apartment. Her killer had left bite marks on her, and he had also stabbed her several times.

Cheri struggled hard for her life, and in the process, her killer had left behind some of his blood in her apartment.

When Cheri was murdered, DNA wasn’t as advanced as it is now. Authorities could only determine that the blood left behind from Cheri’s killer belonged to a man and that it was a match to the saliva from the bite marks found on Cheri, but that was it.

They simply didn’t have much more to go on then.

“After years of investigation and regular attempts to match the suspect’s DNA profile to a profile in the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) that came up with no match, Cheri’s case, unfortunately, went cold,” the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office explained in a statement.

Cheri’s case remained cold until close to 28 years later. Last month, forensic genetic genealogy finally led to her killer; 49-year-old Sharron Eugene Gadlin.

When Sharron was identified, he was living only 12 miles away from where Cheri had been killed in her apartment.

Riverside County District Attorney’s Office; pictured above is Cheri

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