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She Adopted Her Dog Last Valentine’s Day And He Was Just Diagnosed With Wobblers Syndrome

Long Beach, California. Cervical Spondylomyelopathy, also known as Wobbler’s Syndrome, is a complex disease that affects larger dog breeds by creating a chronic progression of compression on the spinal cord, resulting in pain and nervous system deficits.

Gus, a 15-month-old Great Dane, has been recently diagnosed with this disease and needs a dorsal laminectomy, which is a very serious surgery.

Growing up, owner Vique Simba knew Gus was a bit different than most dogs. Gus was always slower and clumsier.

He had terrible posture and seemed to be more mellow. However, in the past few months, things have progressively gotten worse.

Gus has been experiencing muscle spasms, falling over, and difficulty walking on tile floors. Trusting her instincts, Vique brought her beloved pup to a neurologist, where an MRI confirmed the diagnosis.

A dorsal laminectomy involves expanding the narrowed vertebral canal and reducing cord compression of the lumbar spine.

Unfortunately, Gus also has a ganglion cyst on his spinal cord that must be removed. A ganglion cyst is expected in 20% of canine Wobbler cases.

Once his procedure is over, he will spend 5-7 days in the hospital for round-the-clock reassurance that everything is carried out smoothly.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Gus

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