She Told Off Her Married Roommates For Being Jealous That She Makes More Money Than The Both Of Them Combined

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A 21-year-old woman lives with her 22-year-old boyfriend and their 2 married roommates. She and her boyfriend have been in this situation for 2 years, and all 4 of them began living together in the first place since they were tight on money.

Living together was a great arrangement in the beginning, as it was so much more affordable for them all.

Over the past few months, she and her boyfriend have been thriving in their careers. She’s a chef, while he works in technology, and they each make really good money right now.

They make enough that they could easily find their own space and leave their roommates behind while paying for all their other expenses without a problem.

Although she and her boyfriend could move, they have not done this. “…Our roommates still rely on us to keep their heads above water,” she explained.

“I’m fine living here we generally get along good but lately they’ve been acting really bitter.”

“It’s usually just small backhanded comments like about how I can afford certain foods, nice hair products/perfume, and a nicer car (2014 civic, nothing special).”

A week ago her 32-year-old female roommate was celebrating her birthday, and she wanted to do something kind for her roommate and her roommate’s husband.

So, she went out and purchased steak, and she cooked up a whole meal for all 4 of them. During dinner, her roommate’s husband started ranting about her wasting money “buying expensive cuts of meat.”

Look! –

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